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Wisdom EX Cap Lamp

Wisdom EX Cap Lamp

Wisdom EX Cap Lamp, 7.0Ah, Class I, II, III, Division I, CSA C22.2, UL 913, -20C-40C

Also known as:

Miners Lamp, Davy Lamp, Geordie Lamp, Hardhat Light, safety lamp, Miners Cap Lamp, Helmet Light


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Wisdom EX Cap Lamp

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Provix in New Lowell

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Wisdom Cap Lamps


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This cap lamp combines superior illumination with the highest safety standards.

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About this item

  • Increased Operational Efficiency with Provix's High-Performance Mining Equipment.
  • Enhanced Worker Safety with Advanced Safety Features in Provix Products.
  • Cost-Effective Operations with Provix’s Durable and Long-lasting Tools.
  • Provix Offers User-Friendly Equipment Design for Easy Operation.
  • Provix's Reliable Equipment Reduces Downtime and Maintenance Costs.


Illuminate Your Work with the Wisdom EX Cap Lamp – A Robust Solution from Provix Provix is excited to introduce the Wisdom EX Cap Lamp (model NWI-WLAMP3-EX), a high-performance lighting solution designed to meet the needs of professionals in various industries. This cap lamp combines superior illumination with the highest safety standards. Advanced Lighting for Challenging Environments The Wisdom EX Cap Lamp is equipped with a powerful 7.0Ah battery, providing long-lasting and reliable illumination for extensive work periods. Designed to operate efficiently in extreme conditions, it functions perfectly in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 40°C, making it ideal for a wide range of working environments. Compliance with Safety Standards Safety is paramount in professional settings, and the Wisdom EX Cap Lamp meets stringent safety standards. It is certified for Class I, II, and III, Division I, and complies with CSA C22.2 and UL 913 standards. This compliance ensures that the lamp is safe for use in hazardous locations where explosive gases or dust may be present. Durable and Reliable Built to withstand the rigors of industrial use, the Wisdom EX Cap Lamp is a durable and reliable choice for professionals. Its robust construction ensures it can endure the tough conditions often found in mining, construction, and other industrial settings. Ergonomic and User-Friendly Design Weighing in at a comfortable level, the Wisdom EX Cap Lamp is designed for ease of use and comfort, ensuring that it can be worn for extended periods without causing fatigue. Its ergonomic design makes it a practical choice for daily use in demanding work conditions. Versatile for Various Industrial Applications The Wisdom EX Cap Lamp is not only suitable for mining but also for other applications such as construction, oil and gas, and industrial maintenance. Its versatility and dependability make it an essential tool for a wide range of professionals. Get Your Wisdom EX Cap Lamp Today Upgrade your lighting equipment with the Wisdom EX Cap Lamp from Provix. Available now, this cap lamp is your solution for safe, efficient, and reliable lighting in any work environment.

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