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KEY360 Inc



About the company

KEY360 Inc: Transforming Advanced Capital Project Management & Operations Solutions

CEO (Steven Golding). “Even though we are deeply invested in ERP’s, Digital Solutions and Spreadsheets, we still experience the severe symptoms of our lack of Operational Platforms. The workflow complexity and data volume of Operational Requirements requires more control than our Spreadsheets, but less cost and rigidity than our ERP solutions. We also need faster access to Documents, Superior Workflow, Business-to-Business Collaboration, Advanced Analytics and Dashboarding in a Single Integrated Cloud Platform.”

Who are we?

KEY360 Inc founding Company SSG Consulting is a specialist Advisory, Consulting and Execution Partner to a growing SME and Blue-Chip client base. SSG Consulting provides an extensive range of solutions supporting clients in Capital Project Execution and Operations Management. SSG Group focus client base is Technology driven Industries and Engineering and Construction Capital Projects in the following verticals: Mining, Energy, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure SSG Group proven success is driven by understanding Client Operational Needs, Fearless Innovation and Advanced Digitalization packaged into Practical Execution Solutions that ensure optimum outcomes. KEY360 Platform Technology is the flagship Digitalization solution of the SSG Group represented by KEY360 Inc.

Introducing the KEY360 Management Platform

SSG Group are the developers of the Award Winning KEY360 Management Platform, we've harnessed our collective expertise to bring forth the revolutionary KEY360 Management Platform. This "Cloud and Web" based technology isn't just another software solution; it's the future of data management and collaboration on a global scale. Whether it's Tracking and Managing Projects, Forensic Planning, Performance Management, or CRM, KEY360 seamlessly integrates with SSG Consulting’s ethos, enabling us to elevate our service offerings.

Empowering Success

With KEY360 Inc by your side, you're not just getting a service provider; you're gaining a strategic partner. We equip you with the strategy, execution capability, resourcing support, and cutting-edge technology to ensure your projects are a resounding success. At KEY360 Inc, we don't just provide solutions; we embody the very essence of true empowerment. It's more than a mission; it's a promise, ensuring that empowerment remains at the core of everything we do.

Our Products & Services

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KEY360 Inc

521 5th Avenue

New York, NY


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Company number: 582079

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